The ‘farm-to-table’ philosophy embraces a sustainable approach to agriculture and dining. Local food tastes better, retains more nutrients and puts less stress on the environment. Delicious, responsible, simple.

Eating locally means eating seasonally. We work together with local farms to allow the consumer to savor fruits and vegetables at their prime. By eliminating the middlemen we can get around using major transportation, factories and big machines, getting more money directly to the farmers while drastically reducing our carbon footprint. Also, best of all, we get to know our neighbors; the farmers who grow the fruits and vegetables and raise livestock in our own backyards, the talented young chef, the entrepreneur with a vision, and everyone in between, all come together to create an amazing dining experience we can enjoy as a community.

Farm-to-table ideals are changing the dining world as we know it. Join the movement!

Here are our local partners: